Innovative intelligent Wireless Services


Innovative intelligent Wireless Services

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Imagine a world where you can control your environment, get access to information and store it for later use – Now it is possible.

With Inwiser controlling system, you give your customer an unforgettable experience via state of art controlling system. We will provide you easy to customise solution for providing mobile userinterface for your UI-less devices or help built interaction to your content shown in public screens, all without need for touching mobile code. Easy to use, unique experience and fluid service are all part of our way of working. Contact us and we'll show that nothing is impossible.

Example services

Directing clients to your services

Do you have restaurant or cafe with a prefect view? Why not show the views to your clients already on the street and invite them to come in With Inwiser camera controlling system you can let your client to experience the views wherever you want to allow them do that and thus direct them towards your services

Out shop information

Case: more powerful window advertisement

With Inwiser control you can enable interactivity on the monitor that is behind the shop window. With interactivity you can provide more content for potential customer to browse while the monitor is safe behind the window. With just press of a button, customer can store information of interesting product in their mobile device with a link to for example in you webstore, from where they can order the product later.

Inwiser is a innovative wireless service creation department of Aifos. The goal of Inwiser is to enable end users to interact with the environment.